Shocking Sale Shopping with Shopee and Neffos!

11.11 is upon us and Shopee’s Shocking Sale Day on the momentum towards it’s final day which is 11th November.

The super sale activity goes from 25th October to 11th November with over 400 brands involved over at Shopee and Neffos is one of the brand partners in this campaign with 10 smartphones going on sale at super-duper special rate with up to 50% discount on selected models, not forgetting also amazing gifts with each purchase.

Ever thought of buying a product using a phone? Well you can now, everything is made for the convenience of getting it done without leaving your seat. For those who are looking for a new phone because your current one is damaged or needs an upgrade, or simply a second phone because you like gaming, head over to Neffos official store on Shopee ( – greater choice, greater discounts, more payment options, and to have the goods delivered to you. Don’t worry about the product, they come with Neffos warranty and Shopee’s Money back returns policy.

Oh and I did mention greater discounts, right? Visit this page to get your DISCOUNT CODE for Neffos products . Now you may wonder, why would I buy online, and why Shopee, well aside from all the goodness listed above, there are still that sceptical feeling that shopping retail is way better. Well here are some key points that may help to convince you:

  • Prices listed online and retail are different
  • Online shops visibly list out all their available products whereas for retail not all stores may have the same products available
  • No queueing compared to retail when paying at the counter
  • No need for dressing up, driving the car and finding parking spot

Still not convinced, you may say “well that’s all good and all, but still, the two big question is, WHY SHOPEE AND WHY NEFFOS?” Here’s why – Shopee will only release payment to the sellers once buyers receive their products and are satisfied with them, as for Neffos, ALL of their smartphones are under RM1,000, but you get the same features and quality of a phone that is over RM1,000. Add that with 2 years warranty, talk about uncompromising safety it’s literally a steal.

Wait no more, head over to Neffos’ Store at Shopee!

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