Nokia N900 and Apple iPad – My Favorite Devices For 2010

Nokia N900 and Apple iPad - My Favorite Devices For 2010

😀 I thought it’ll be great to start the year by sharing about these 2 devices that changed my 2010, and continue to influence my lifestyle in 2011.

Nokia N900

This device literally changed my life for the year 2010. I received it around April / May, and as much as I like to call it a phone – it is NOT a phone. It’s a mini-computer, you may refer to the official product page for details.

It works like a miniaturized tablet (same can be said for other touch screen devices) but it’s a little thicker than most phones. The screen slides and you get a QWERTY keyboard which I think is damn awesome. I’ve been using it for blogging, forum participartion, Facebook / Twitter interaction, E-mails and so on so forth. It makes writing so much easier, and looks less silly compare to tapping away on a screen.

As a device based on Linux Maemo – it has sufficient number of applications but far from that of what Apple provides, the apps are generally less refined as well. Probably the most refined app so far is Angry Birds but the ridiculous part was that I had to buy the additional chapters just to play while Apple product users get it all free!

The is the device that follows me everywhere – it’s the device I browse the Internet the most with, since I have a 3G data plan. It has a camera good photo quality (refer to my photos on Facebook and Twitpic). I can also turn it into a WiFi hotspot for my other devices like notebook and iPad.

The SMS conversation implemented by Nokia on this device is superb too, makes SMS tracking really great. Oh did I mention the keyboard? Yes I did, it’s great for SMSing too!

To put it short – it’s my mobile computer already. Netbooks? I don’t need them anymore, this device alone is more than a Netbook since I’m literally connected to the world with it. Even when lounging around, it’s a convenient device to use for replying forums in lengthy fashion. 🙂

Apple iPad

Finally this little device arrived in Malaysian shores around December, and I got it just a few weeks back as many of you would’ve known by now.

This is my gaming and reading device. I’ve covered the gaming aspect of it before so let’s just leave it at that.

What I like most about this device is that it makes reading enjoyable, especially photography magazines with their full glory on display on the IPS display panel. The IPS display panel is also great for showcasing my photography works to potential clients, or showing them the photos I’ve taken for their projects.

It’s great for browsing when lounging around but it’s a whole lot heavier than the N900 so if you’re like me, a person who loves to lay on the sofa while participating in forums, the iPad is just not ideal because of the size, weight and on-screen keyboard……….. unless you don’t mind holding it with 1 hand and using the other hand to tap the keys 1 by 1.