iTunes Security Questions – “First” World Problem

According to CNet’s latest news – iTunes users aren’t happy with the security questions thrown at them to verify their accounts.

Users are being asked to choose from a tight list of questions, including:
– “What was the first car you owned?”
– “Who was your first teacher?”
– “Who was your best childhood friend?”
– “In which city were you first kissed?”

Source : CNET

“FIRST” world problem indeed – it’s all about your FIRST and it’s a PROBLEM if you want to be honest to the question but don’t have a first or can’t remember, just as what the article stated.

Logically – you could actually just fake an answer. 😛 However I applaud the users for being honest people who are actually intending to use their personal experience as a verification.

Realistically speaking – Apple wouldn’t know whether your first kiss was in Paris or Calcutta. Neither will Apple know whether your first teacher is Jeniffer or John, or whether that person is your first teacher in primary school or college.

In putting in TRUE information can be a security risk, especially if you’re a social person and many people actually knew about who you dated and where you went and all. Especially childhood friends, that’s not to say your friends could turn on you but some information can be collected via social media. For example a strange could have just asked “what was your first car?”

I think a good way around this, is to pick any question and have the answer be any that you like. Of course logically if you do so, you would’ve remembered your password to begin with. 😀

Personally – I dislike systems that do not allow me to customize my questions.

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