[GUIDE] How To Disable Video Auto-Play on Facebook

Not took long ago Facebook made it such that videos on News Feed are automatically played and this has become quite an annoyance to some users. Even with volume disabled, the video loaded still consumes bandwidth and it’s not a good thing, especially it is not a video that you intend to watch.


Disabling the video Auto-Play is very simple though, start by clicking that little icon on the upper right side of the Facebook interface on your computer.


On the drop down menu, click on the word “SETTINGS”.


Once you’re at the new interface, look at the left panel and click on “VIDEOS”.


Once the new panel appears, click on the option that’s on the same line as “Auto-Play Videos” – click the option and select the option “OFF”


And there ya go, you’re done. No more video-auto playback.

Oh and those of on you Facebook App, here’s how you disable it.


1. Click on that icon that’s on the upper right corner, it looks like 3 lines going across.
2. Once the menu appears, scroll down and look for “App Settings” and tap on that.
3. When the next option appears, look for “Videos play automatically”, tap on that one.
4. Tap on “OFF” when the option appears, you’re done!

😀 I hope this guide’s been helpful to you, please share it to your friends and family. Thank you.

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