Careful Practice Curbs E-mail Spam

Careful Practice Curbs E-mail Spam?

Through the years of internet progress, the use of E-mail that once was luxury is now not just a necessary but it has come to a point where it’s used so casually that people are now careless and couldn’t care less on the ripple resulted.

Stop using TO / CC!

Many do not realize that the reason they get a lot of spam, is simply because of using the TO column in the E-mail.

See, if you wish to send to a lot of people – put them in the BCC column instead. Send multiple times if you have to. Just don’t use TO column when you’re sending to a lot of people.

Why? TO section will display ALL the recipients in that section. This applies to the CC section as well. If you’re at work and you need to send it to your boss and CC to your finance manager, that’s fine – that’s what it’s used for – transparency at work.

Careful Practice Curbs E-mail Spam?

However if you’re just sending non-important mail that contains information, or just some funny or interesting thing to share to others – by all means, just use the BCC column.

Why Not?

When you use the TO and CC – you’re opening 2 most common gateway for spam.

Firstly – it discloses ALL recipients to the rest of the world. So if the E-mail is forwarded, then more and more people will have hold of those E-mail address. If ever you wonder how did spammers get your E-mail address, then this is your answer – you either sent something, or you were part of a recipient list. Let’s not forget that it’s a breach of privacy too.

Here’s what I received today….I blurred the E-mail address of the recipients but I hope it gives you an idea on how bad it could be.

Careful Practice Curbs E-mail Spam?

Secondly – by being disclosed to all, it also means that virus could actually get hold of it and use it for spam purpose, this is especially true if the recipient was on software like Microsoft Outlook, a virus or malware could just attempt to read the E-mail data and use it to send E-mails.

Basically – If you don’t like spam, do you think others like it? So try not bring spam to your friends, it’s good that you like to share but you could either ask their permission first OR just put them in the BCC list.

Web-based E-mail accounts just as Yahoo! Mail, Google Mail (Gmail), Hotmail and many others are basically the safe ones from virus and malwares, I don’t recall any that actually reads web-address from Web-based E-mails but that doesn’t mean they’re not open to prying eyes that are ever ready to increase their E-mail recipient database.

Spam – A Costly Affair

I used to be industry of providing hospitals, government bodies, education institutions and corporate organizations with anti-spam solutions. During those days, I spend hours viewing the log and I had to configure the system to optimally handle spam.

From what I observe, companies that practice strict policy on E-mail usage are the ones that incur less cost and have far less E-mail traffic compared to companies

blockadblockingbrowsersSo how Costly is costly? What I can disclose to you is that the spam problem costs such companies quite a lot each year, product purchase is time consuming as they require downtime for configuration when doing product testing. Once a product is selected, the purchase cost could be more than RM 100,000 and the yearly license can be of any % of the purchase amount, I’d say usually around 5% to 25% range. ๐Ÿ™‚

Safe Practice

So take care of your friends and family, help them reduce spam by using BCC instead of TO or CC. In doing so, at least you’re the only one who’s at risk of getting spam – not your recipients.

Food for thought – You send to 50 recipients, and imagine that 50 recipients forward the E-mail to another 50 uniqure recipients. Imagine how long is the list of E-mails made available to the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Thanks Goldfries. I really found way to get rid of the spammers. I am really tired of those spammers , mainly from Malaysia about easy way to earn money one. Thanks again.

  2. Good post, although you might as well have blurred all those email addresses, those sq

  3. Yep, I received an email about using BCC last year. So I always ask my friends to forward emails using BCC… but most of them being completely ignorant(or ‘I’m not good in computer so I do not care” attitude – Yeah right… 1 button needs 10 years of experience in computer.) just continue to feed spammers with thousands on emails. =(

  4. Author

    @ahmike – yes, tiring. some of my other accounts full time get spam. Funny thing was that it’s an account that i don’t even use to send stuff in the first place. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @the tv blog – ahh, I decided to leave some portion un-blurred, at least people know I didn’t random typed some things and blur it.

    @Xcen – yes, the general Malaysian have a DO NOT CARE attitude. Usually if I get nonsense mail to my WORK related E-mail, the sender will get a reply on the matter. I made it a point that WORK / OFFICIAL correspondence E-mails are not to be used for other purpose.

  5. i guess its got alot to do with privacy as well.. i mean.. cmon.. in this day and age, its like giving away someones telephone number.. opening up avenues for stalkers and hackers all over the place. zzz.

    btw. any tips on how to reduce Handphone spam sms? =_=;; i just got one while typing this response.. no idea how they got my number. bstrds.

  6. Author

    Yes, it’s like that. E-mail spam is annoying, my Yahoo! Mail seems to be getting a lot of crappy stuff.

    SMS spam? I notice that my other Maxis number get a lot of spam but not my Celcom number.

  7. You have a great blog here and it is Nice to read some well written posts that have some relevancy…keep up the good work ๐Ÿ˜‰

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