Wacom Bamboo Media Launch

Wacom Bamboo Media Launch

I’m currently at Wacom Bamboo Media Launch, this article is currently being used as demo post. 🙂 Yup, and I’m doing the demo.

Wacom Bamboo Media Launch

The following photo was from the afternoon session with dealers.

Wacom Bamboo Media Launch

No article yet? That’s because I haven’t the time to prepare them, it’s a hectic weekend and it’s going to be hectic for the next few days.

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  1. hmm…. so little ppl attend the event? for press oni? My wacom currently collecting dust hahaha…

  2. It’s about time I got a Bamboo. My old Graphire 3 has appeared to be kaput.

  3. Cool, are you reviewing the multi-touch features? Can’t wait, if you are that is heheh

  4. I guess it’s both. I did find the “case study” approach to a pitch to be far more enjoyable than the normal “We’re such and such, and this is why you should write about us….” In addition, so many people talk about using social media in their marketing, but there are few case studies, so wanted to share a successful one with you.

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