ASUS – Defining Happiness 2.0

ASUS - Defining Happiness 2.0

ASUS announces five core features in all product offerings.

Rather than copy pasta of the press release, just have a look at the video below.


ASUS - Defining Happiness 2.0

I’m really looking forward for the upcoming products from Asus.

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  1. I think the lady standing to the right of the dude wearing the suit is pushing her right hand breast into the poor guy’s shoulder. You can see from his face that he is trying to look serious for the camera but privately thinking about what he would like to do with this lady when he returns to the office for ‘coffee’.

    I know what I would like to do with her and it wouldn’t be discussing the benefits of yet another plastic laptop computer. I would be uploading my firmware into her accumulator register.

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