A List of Ad Networks for Your Blog

A List of Ad Networks for Your Blog

People have quite often ask me – “which ad should I put on my blog?”

Seemingly an easy question but it’s a question with no perfect or absolute answer.

Everyone Is Different

Each and every website, whether it be a blog, forum, portal or whatever else under the sun – is different. It’s not just the content but even the vistiors are different. There’s no way to implement the same ad types or agencies and get the same results.

To add to the complexity, each and every ad agency has their strengths and weakness as well. So one ad agency and their ad types could be effective on one site but this doesn’t apply to others.

There’s More Than Just Google Adsense

Almost everyone know Google Adsense but that’s just about it, so with this article, I present you a list of Ad Agencies! 🙂 Take your pick!

…… BUT before we proceed to the list, I wish to thank the owner of Make Some Money With Me, a site that which is where I took the list from. ( seems like the site’s not there anymore. 🙁 )

Here are the Ad Networks

Please note that the following networks are applicable for almost any type of website as well. Just check with their Terms of Service. 🙂

  1. Adagency1
  2. AdBrite
  3. AdPepper
  4. Adsmart
  5. AdTegrity.com
  6. Advertlets
  7. BackLinks.com
  8. Banner Connect
  9. Bardzo Media
  10. BritePic
  11. Burst Media
  12. Canep Media
  13. Casale Media
  14. Chitika
  15. ClickBooth
  16. CPX Interactive
  17. Cubiex
  18. FoodBuzz (for food blogs)
  19. Freebies4Webmasters
  20. Google Adsense
  21. Gorilla Nation
  22. GrabMyAds
  23. Innity
  24. InterClick
  25. Kontera
  26. LinkAdage
  27. LinkWorth
  28. LinkXL
  29. LoudLaunch
  30. MaxBounty
  31. Matched.co.uk
  32. Nuffnang
  33. PayPerPost
  34. Paypopup
  35. PepperJam Network
  36. Performancing Ads
  37. RealTechNetwork
  38. Review Me
  39. Shareapic
  40. Tacoda
  41. Text Link Ads
  42. TNX
  43. TribalFusion
  44. ValueClick Media
  45. Vibrant Media
  46. WidgetBucks

Crazy amount of networks, right? It’s impossible to utilize all of them anyway.

Feel free to leave comments on your experience in using those ad networks. 🙂

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  1. Yeah, I am trying a few now, see which one suits me better

  2. For myself, Google Adsense works for me, the rest don’t, so I stick with Google Adsense.

  3. for me..the best still google adsense.
    but for noob blogger like me..
    still new in blogging..
    need be more patient..huhu~

  4. For it a long run, all this doesn’t really work.
    Don’t you think so?

    Feel free to correct me or share your thoughts.

  5. In a long run, all this doesn’t really work for me.
    Don’t you think so?

    Feel free to correct me or share your thoughts.

  6. Author

    @ahmike – yes, we’ll all have to try. 🙂

    @Deimos – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    @xtreme – yes. but no harm trying others also.

    @jensen – all this really works, if not I won’t be listing them. You should give it a try before deciding long run whether it works for you.

  7. what other malaysian ad agency there is except nuffnang n advertlets?

  8. A nice list =)

    Maybe you also can try bidvertiser which offer a nice revenue share =)

  9. Sweet! Thanks for the list! Personally I hate using adsense so this is very helpful

  10. Mind to explain on how their earning counts? I understand there could be pay per click (PPC) or impression count like Adsense.

  11. Author

    Adsense is goes by click. although they do pay by impression but it’s mainly known as a CPC ad provider.

    Try out others, sometimes campaigns go by CPC, some go by CPM. it really depends on the advertiser vs your site.

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