HIS RX 580 XTR IceQ X² Roaring Turbo 8GB Arriving Next Week at RM 1999

Word has it that this model of graphics card is arriving next week, what a welcome amidst the GPU drought that’s plaguing the land.

While all things look bright and sunny, one can’t help but also notice that hefty price tag for a card at that performance level that once was available for under RM 1,500. It’s understandable for the price to be as such, after all when demand is more than supply, it’s just natural for items to be priced higher.

Seeing that the demand of the RX 580 is obviously for mining purpose, it’s not surprising that the cards with 6-months “mining term” warranty.

In all seriousness, a card could last you years if you are using it just for purely gaming but to run it 24/7 for mining purpose then you’re just going at warp speed for the product to reach MTBF.

On the positive side, the card is said to use SK Hynix memory chip and I guess that adds more justification to the price.

Interested in this card? Contact Tech Armory – details are on the image above while the official product page of this card is at HIS Digital’s website.

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