Ricoh unveils the Pentax K-1 Full-frame Camera

And so finally Pentax has a full-frame camera and it is aptly named the K-1. Those who are tired or bored with their Pentax APS-C cameras can now move up a notch for that larger sensor.


What? Pentax took that long to reach full-frame? Hold your horses, the sensor available at Pentax has all the while been larger than full-frame. Did you know that Pentax is well known for their medium format camera – the 645Z?

In any case, it took them quite a while to come up with a model with full-frame sensor and it looks like it’s quite a great model.

Below are the list of features
– 36.4 MP AA-Filter-less CMOS Sensor
– SAFOX 12 33 Point AF System
– SRII 5-Axis In-camera Shake Reduction
– Pixel Shift Resolution System w/ Motion Correction
– 15 MP APS-C Crop Mode
– Cross-tilt LCD Display
– GPS/Electronic Compass/ASTRO TRACER
– Weather-Resistant Body
– Operation Assist LED Illumination

Details of the product at the official product page. You might encounter “Service Unavailable” from time to time, that’s my experience trying to load their website.

My guess is that everyone’s excited to see this well-priced DSLR has to offer – SRP at $1,799.95

I reviewed their K-30 about 4 years ago and it was a splendid experience and if they played their cards well through the years, the K-1 should be a great product.

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