LIAN LI Unveils New Products at 2024 Digital Expo and Roundtable with Special Guests

LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a prominent manufacturer of chassis and PC accessories, launched the LIAN LI 2024 DIGITAL EXPO on YouTube at 9 am EST. This event comprised two parts, showcasing updates on prototype cases, a standing desk, and introducing new concepts for an all-in-one cooler and power supply. Among the highlights were prototypes like the SUP-01, reimagining PC layout with a front-positioned graphics card for enhanced cooling, the DAN Cases A3 M-ATX case, and the O11 VISION BACK CONNECT. Additionally, LIAN LI introduced the GALAHAD II LCD SHIFT, a minimally tubed AIO cooler, the EDGE Series PSU for optimized cable access, and the DK-07 standing desk with innovative features. The expo also featured a bonus roundtable discussion with prominent figures from PCMR, RobeyTech, and GGF Events.


The compact 45-liter SUP-01 case introduces a front GPU layout for improved cooling efficiency without compromising aesthetics. Equipped with airflow-optimized mesh panels, it outperforms the LANCOOL 216 in cooling performance. The unique GPU placement is supported by adjustable brackets, strategically utilizing GPU and rear fans for intake and right-side fans for exhaust. The main chamber accommodates ATX motherboards, features pre-mounted PCIe 4.0 riser cable, and supports AIOs ranging from 280 to 360mm. Storage options include SSDs or HDDs with magnetic dust filters, all at a price of $149.99.

DAN Cases A3:

The DAN Cases A3, an M-ATX all-mesh case with steel panels and a fabric front panel, offers flexibility and efficiency in building. It supports various cooling configurations and GPU placements, with adaptable PSU bracket positions. The case accommodates different GPU and cooling setups based on PSU placement, along with ample storage options and front I/O including USB Type C. Priced at $69.99.


This variant of the O11 VISION supports back-connected ATX and M-ATX motherboards while retaining its sleek design. Notable changes include a fixed motherboard tray, additional fan support, and non-tinted tempered glass panels, priced at $129.99.

O11 Vision Chrome:

The O11 VISION Chrome edition features chrome-plated glass panels, providing a stylish and reflective aesthetic, available for pre-order at $149.99.


The GALAHAD II LCD SHIFT introduces a near-tubeless aesthetic with innovative tube routing alongside the radiator, customizable with a 2.88” LCD panel controlled by L-Connect software, available in 360mm with black and white options.

EDGE Series PSU:

The EDGE Series PSU offers optimal cable port access for dual-chamber cases, featuring an embossed pattern mesh cover for cooling and additional USB headers for modern PC devices, available in various wattage options and colors.


The DK-07 combines technology and design, featuring a glass top with an integrated 30” LG transparent OLED display, ample cooling support, graphics card clearance, and storage options, delivering both functionality and aesthetics in a stylish desk design.

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