Intel Future Showcase 2014

And so I was away in Singapore for a while to attend a few events, one of which was Intel Future Showcase 2014’s held on 21st November 2014. Yup it was a few days back but I did not have the facility to process my videos when away so I finally got things done today. 😀


Intel showcased many of their technology, of course many of you would’ve been expecting processors and chipsets but we’re looking at a range of technology that’s beyond processors and chipsets.

Stuff like Smart City management, Bus Management System, Solar Charging Devices with controller, wearables for health monitoring, Smart Car Security, Personal Vehicle Experience that thinks ahead for you when it comes to driving around, Edison and Galileo, Wireless Display and so on.

My favorite demo among all are the Wireless Charging and the 3D Depth Camera.

So there you have it – Intel’s more than just a brand for processors.