Computex 2014 – Highlights Part 1

Our Day 1 started off with AMD’s briefing on the upcoming mobile segment graphic upgrade while the whole afternoon was spent at Nangang Exhibition Hall, covering most parts of Computex.

It was good 7-hour walkathon (well, almost) for me, to end the day with my feet crying for mercy.

One of the best looking booth around was AMD’s – and our updates of (website and Facebook page) is made possible by AMD!

If you haven’t LIKED goldfries’ Facebook page yet, please remember to do so as I post updates frequently over there (click to view photos!)

There were beautiful products, like the In Win D-Frame that looks more like a roll cage rather than a casing.

Then there’s also the awkward looking casing that looks like a household appliance from DeepCool.

Many case mods were on showcase as well, such as this one found at ASUS booth, done by a fellow Malaysian who won a recent international case modding competition.

Brands like MSI took pride in their World’s First DDR4 board, can we say Bye Bye DDR3 soon?

Tech stuff aside, let’s not forget the “eye-candy”. 😀

oh and I took the 1 vs 1 challenge from SanDisk, to play a match against Taiwan’s top player for StarCraft II – SEn.

Let’s just say Day 1 is all about exploration, to cover as much ground as possible and also meeting up many of the brands that have been supporting over the years.