Canon Launches the Powershot G1 X Mark II, N100 and Selphy CP910


The Powershot G1 X Mark II is the latest revision for the disappointing Powershot G1 X, I own one and it was a let down due to horrible minimum focusing distance for the most part. The Mark II is what it’s supposed to be, with 24-120 (f/2.0 – f/3.9) 35mm equivalent range, 1.5″ CMOS sensor, hotshoe for flash and it now comes with NFC and WiFi connectivity. It will retail at a whopping RM 2,899, not exactly impressive for a 12.8MP compact. šŸ™


The PowerShot N100, a compact with 24-120 zoom range like the G1 X Mark II but with a slightly wider aperture of on wide (f/1.8) but narrower aperture on tele (f/5.7). The N100 is the STORY camera where it allows you to capture images and videos from both front and back lens at the same time. It also has the Story Highlights function that creates a movie album with a press of a button. It is priced at RM 1,099.


Lastly we have the Selphy CP910 is a WiFi capable printer that allows cameras with WiFi connectivity to connect and print through it, it also supports Apple’s AirPrint. It is priced at RM 449.


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