Site Updates – October Blues Site Update

Hello dear readers, I’m so sorry for the lack of articles of late.

I was swarmed with work, it’s like suddenly many of my clients with on-going projects want their stuff to be ready by mid October. Besides that, I had also various events to cover, such as the MIGF 2009 Gala Launch and the Porsche Panamera launch (was the OP, got to rest my butt on those RM 1mil cars. Refer to my twitpic please).

Oh and let’s not forget, the Wacom Bamboo demo last week – stress la to prepare for that, first time doing demo. 🙂 Some more car windshield got smashed by some flying rock……. even more stress. After that week I was also preparing for Clement Ooi’s Art of the Ordinary exhibition at Meusse Gallery which opened 2 days ago – website upgrade, sending the invitations, helping in venue setup and also covering the event as well. Tiring…… I’m glad those are done with.

OK, just to give you guys an idea on how busy I am – I’m writing this at my client’s place as they entertain their walk-in customers, and in a few hours time I have another on-site project to visit.

And to top it all up, I wasn’t feeling well over at least 4 days over the past 2 weeks – stress stress stress. Aaiieeeeeeee!

Is it all good now? Physically I’ve recovered fully (Yay!) but work wise (Urrgghh) – not quite, I’m looking at a 3rd week of busy schedule coming (which is next week) but I do hope to get some things done during the weekend and a good BREAK (not by body break la) towards the end of the 3rd week.

What’s to expect from me? Well, I finally got the replacement Intel Core i5-750 so that means there will be review on the processor and the 2x P55 boards with me. The MSI P55-GD65 and Gigabyte P55-UD6. There will be a few game reviews (SF4, NFS:S, 2x N-Gage games), the XMI speaker, my recent 2x 2GB OCZ DDR3 RAM and also, the Lenovo C300. Ouhhh so many things to write with so little time. Let’s not forget that it’s not just writing but it involves setup, using, testing, picture taking. 😀 And those are just product reviews! (sorry guys, no job opening for assistant reviewers 😛 I’m sure some of you are hoping for that). On a side note, the nVidia Geforce GT220 review will be published next week as well.

Well, enough of my rant. I think it’s time to sign off for now – THANK YOU all for the support and understanding. Don’t throw eggs at me for not producing articles.


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  1. i can review the i5 for ya…………………….shi……… late.

    *walk away dissapointed*

  2. Thanks for update …Keep up the great work, you are providing a great resource on the Internet here!!!

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