Site Updates – December With More Changes Site Update

It’s less than 30 days before we usher the new year and there’s still so much to cover.

Firstly, I would like to inform all our dear readers (and loyal supporters) that PC Component Price List (Malaysia) page for easy reference of price. This is also to help facilitate the PC Buying Guide as I couldn’t be recommending some products specifically so the price lists come as a handy reference. 🙂 This also helps when it comes to my rather hopeless effort on the customizer (Sorry la, I’m still doing what I can)

Secondly, the PC Buying Guide was updated. It is now simplified to IMAGE form, this makes life easier on me and easier on readers as well. 🙂 Best part is you can link them to forums and such. Just remember to credit me (yes, I haven’t watermark them………. rush work)

Thirdly, I manage to break my own record for uploading 5.2GB worth of Full HD videos to Youtube with no disconnection! Videos here! First time someone ever captured PC Fair in Full HD I suppose. It was a weekend to remember, hoping connection doesn’t drop, PC doesn’t crash, browser doesn’t crash and all other things that hamper the delivery.

Lastly, if you guys bought GameAxis (Malaysia) November issue – I was featured in the Volt! section again. 😀 Yay!

Thanks everyone, have a nice ending for your 2009!

*goes back to my deep dark lab, preparing more articles. If I were to show you guys my work space, you’ll be surprised at the amount of tin cans surrounding me – FUELED by SODA DRINKS!

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