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This item is never used …… because I tried to install but fail for some reason, I can’t remember why. I attempted to install it on my HD7970 or something but I screwed up, not that I damaged the product but I think there was a compatibility issue. Super duper long years ago so don’t ask me to dig back my memory. 😛

Actual usage – NONE, only botched installation. The Deepcool Dracula is super duper solid and as you can see from the pictures it’s still super shiny! No fans, the product is meant to be silent cooler. I checked the packaging, looks like all screws are still in tact, as you can see it also comes with heatsink for the memory and all.

Really solid stuff here, throw at cow the cow also can die type. Packaging is messy la because Deepcool’s packing plastic is always that type super easy to tear and difficult to keep.

Since it has one of the laziest product page ever, I can’t give you any features. You can visit their page (link below) and see for yourself, lazy to copy paste and do formatting lah.

DO NOT expect it to fit well with latest generation graphics cards, they probably have better cooler than this. Consider this product if
1. You have an old graphics card.
2. Your graphics card’s fan isn’t working
3. Your graphics card is beyond warranty

Or if your hand just itchy and want to modify your old graphics card then yeah buy.

Shipping within West Malaysia – RM 10, East Malaysia – RM 20. Not willing to send outside of Malaysia unless buyer pays 100% of the fee.

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