SonicGear SPACE 3 Speaker Review

The SonicGear SPACE 3 is a compact 2.1 speaker system with its selling point being that it’s slim, hence the name SPACE.

SonicGear SPACE 3 Speaker Review

Here’s the side profile of the satellite speakers of the SonicGear SPACE 3, the speakers were made slim to minimize space occupancy.

SonicGear SPACE 3 Speaker Review

These 5 watt speakers are light, and I’m disappointed that it doesn’t come with any form of padding underneath.

SonicGear SPACE 3 Speaker Review

As for the 10W Subwoofer unit, the connectors are all on the right while the bass reflex port is on the left. It comes with a button toggle between Line-in and Bluetooth connection, and it has knobs for volume and bass adjustment.

SonicGear SPACE 3 Speaker Review

User Experience

The SonicGear SPACE 3’s output is far from being perfect but what can one expect from a speaker that’s at this price point? The build quality is average, the audio output on the other hand was slightly actually pretty good. From my observation the SonicGear SPACE 3 covers treble fine, it lacks on the mid tones while the bass is sufficient. It’s not the rich type of bass that I hoped for, neither does it sound hollow. Put it simple the bass gives a sufficient low frequency hum to make the audio pleasant.

Overall it’s a pretty good experience on an inexpensive package, though how well a song performs depends on the song type. Tunes that are bass oriented won’t be impressive but tunes that involves vocals can be quite pleasant.

The Verdict

The SonicGear SPACE 3 retails at RM 129, with an introductory price at RM 119 over at Shopee.

Simple speaker for work and play? This set it’ll work just fine. Let’s not forget that the speaker is in black and it’s slim so you can fit it to practically any furniture setup.

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