Cooler Master N200 Mini Tower PC Casing Review

A relatively new casing from Cooler Master, the N200 is a mini tower casing that’s priced below RM 200.

Cooler Master N200 Mini Tower PC Casing Review

Is this casing good or just another el-cheapo casing?

Below are the selling points and specs of the N200.

– Edgy asymmetrical design with full mesh on the front panel
– Mini tower with great expandability that supports up to three 3.5″ HDD and four 2.5″ SSD
– Supports a 240mm liquid cooling radiator in the front
– Supports high-end graphics cards with a length of up to 355mm/14inch
– Supports air CPU cooler heights up to 160mm/6.3inch
– Supports SuperSpeed USB 3.0
– Removable dust filter under the PSU for easy maintenance

More details at the Official Product Page

The build is good for a case that’s priced around RM 180, there’s ample space to go about in setting up your rig. Your only limitation is the motherboard size, and perhaps large sized heatsinks as well.

Cooler Master N200 Mini Tower PC Casing Review

The casing comes with a fan pre-installed on the back, and as you can see there are 2 holes ready for you to set for water cooling tubes.

Cooler Master N200 Mini Tower PC Casing Review

At the front is another fan, and various drive cages that are removable.

Cooler Master N200 Mini Tower PC Casing Review

Overall what I like the most is the space at the back of the casing. And if you may refer to the 1st photo once again, you’ll see that the side panel is not plain flat, it protrudes a little bit further therefore providing a bit more internal space. This protrusion is also found on the other panel as well.

How does this help? It helps when we do cable management. It’s even easier to manage if you were to use a Cooler Master V series or Silent Pro Hybrid series power supply where the cables are not only modular but their cables are flat types.

Cooler Master N200 Mini Tower PC Casing Review

As you can see from the image above, the base plate also has a large cut out area, allowing you room to mount back plates for CPU cooling. I must also highlight that a Mini-ITX board would not be able to use the opening well as the processor socket location is located further inwards.

The Verdict

It’s a really good casing that’s value-for-money. It comes with a good set of accessories, like 2 units of Cooler Master XtraFlo fans and a bunch of screws (this one’s expected though).

goldfries recommended

Well, don’t just take my word for it. I didn’t just review the casing without tinkering with it.

Check out the setup below. 🙂

Cooler Master N200 Mini Tower PC Casing Review

Keen to know the setup? Head on to – we’re getting the Computer Casing Modification scene of Malaysia moving again!

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  1. good case for the price and decent quality.
    i did setup 1 for customer today & quite like the design

  2. Yes, comes with side window too. The fans alone add value to the setup already.

    I like the simple look. The internals are all black and doesn’t feel like those cheap RM 100 casings.

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