ASUS H87M-PRO (Intel LGA 1150) Micro-ATX Motherboard Review

Asus describes the H87M-Pro as “Feature-loaded micro-ATX H87 features high-endurance 5X Protection and new UEFI BIOS” of which it certainly is.

I think the most beautiful part of this board is the space around the socket, although there’s no reason to put a high-end large sized heatsink on this board as H87-chipset based boards aren’t the ones you get to do overclocking to begin with.

Nothing unusual with the DIMM corner.

Forward facing SATA ports are always a welcome, and there’s the USB front panel port and LED power indicator too. It’s not a debug LED, it just indicates power is available to the board.

There’s a secondary PCI-E slot but it’s running at x4, not an ideal spec for multi-GPU setup but at least you have a spare slot should anything happen.

The best part of the board is the I/O panel of which it supports even VGA, PS/2 and DisplayPort, many of which you don’t see on other boards, or at least don’t see them in the group photo.

More details available at the official product page.

The Verdict

The board isn’t aimed at overclockers, nevertheless that’s not to say it’s not a great board for gaming purpose. It is a feature rich board with great build quality, retailing at about RM 400.

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