AMD A8-7670K Processor (APU) Review

Tiny revisions come by from time to time, we now have the A8-7670K that looks to be an A10-7700K with faster clock speed running at 3.6Ghz instead of 3.4Ghz (on the 7700).

AMD A8-7670K Processor (APU) Review

Here’s the CPU-Z and GPU-Z capture of the unit. Unlike the A10-7700K that’s on Kaveri architecture, the A8-7670K is on Godavari the improved architecture.

AMD A8-7670K Processor (APU) Review

AMD A8-7670K Processor (APU) Review


The following are the test results.

x264 – 10bit to 8bit Video Conversion

The source video is a 720p MKV file that is 90 seconds in duration. x264 settings at the slowest.

Processor Time Taken
AMD A8-7670K 424 seconds
AMD A8-7850K 388 seconds
Intel Pentium G3258 489 seconds
Intel Core i3-4130 313 seconds

The overclock gave the Pentium a significant boost in performance but it’s still no where near the capability of a Core i3 with 2C / 4T.

Cinebench R15

Default settings

Processor CB
AMD A8-7670K 245
AMD A8-7850K 279
Intel Pentium G3258 234
Intel Core i3-4130 326

Unigine Heaven 4.0

Heaven 4.0
*NOTE : Details are set 720P, lowest available settings, no AA.

Card 1080p (avg)
AMD A8-7670K 20
AMD A8-7850K 23

The Verdict

The A8-7670K retails at USD 109, a very good price for a processor with this performance, however there are 2 major problems plaguing the APU in Malaysia. Converting it directly based on exchange rate woudl show that the processor should retail at RM 450 which I think is awesome should it be so.

That’s the current price of an A8-7650K, and when you compare it to the aged A10-7700K the A8-7670K provides faster processing power and same graphics performance and costs 20% less. Compare it to the A10-7850K and you have a processor that costs 25% and provides similar processing power and just slightly slower graphics performance.

That’s all great until you realize that the local pricing isn’t that easy to estimate, so I reckon it’ll be priced more closely to the A10-7700K of which I think the A8-7670K is a worthy successor to provide better value at that price point.

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