The Dead Power Supply Unit

The Dead Power Supply

My power supply unit for my gaming rig just died. 🙁 I am now lacking of a gaming rig …………. but fortunately I have an iPad for that purpose but that also means I’m limited so very simple games.

I really didn’t expect my OCZ 600w StealthXStream to just give up on me so soon but it’s been around for quite a few years and I guess it’s time to go.

So what’s this article about? This article is just to share how I tested my power supply before declaring it dead, much like a coroner, only less messy.

Within the past 12 months alone I saw 2 dead and 1 worn out. 😀 Over the past 5 – 10 years I had PSU that flash-bang on me, PSU that pop and gave smoke, then also PSU that burned my ATX connector. Then of course there are those that are worn out, meaning it’s working but not supplying the stated wattage in juice.

In the past, testing a power supply unit seems is like taking a gamble – not just to me but I’m sure it’s like that to many of you as well. What happens if you power up your rig and shit happens, taking some of the other components down as well?

Another way to test is to buy or borrow another working PSU to replace the existing PSU but it’s just too much hassle to confirm the status of it.

The Best Way To Test?

I sent my Vantec Ion2 to ALL IT Hypermart for RMA last year and I saw the technician tested the unit with this neat little device that tells you whether or not the PSU is functioning properly. I asked him about the device and he told me it’s available in their shop. Great!

I went over, ask for it and got it for less than RM 40 if I’m not mistaken. It’s some Made-in-China little device with some unknown brand but it works great. Here’s a video of how the device worked.

If you’re a person that loves computer hardware like me, or one that has a lot of friends around consulting your since you’re knowledgeable on computer related matters – you should get yourself such a device.

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  1. Oh ya, the device, I used before, but it is not accurate sometimes. >_>

  2. If a particular LED lights up means there is no problem v that particular part?
    Example : +12V lights up means +12V no problem?

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