Securing Your Facebook Account

Facebook’s insane popularity makes it also a hotbed for malicious intent, it is a platform where information about people could be gathered with ease.


While we’re focused on passwords, we often forget about the apps we installed, let alone remember the permissions we gave it. Facebook’s evolution through the years made it a little confusing when it comes to change of settings, for example privacy settings.

2 best ways to improve your Facebook security is by changing the privacy settings and have an overview of what apps are on your account.

To reach the settings page, all you have to do is click the ICON on the upper right side as seen in the image below.


After that you click on “See More Settings”. As you can see, the icon is dark in color so many people wouldn’t have noticed it.


Once you’re in the settings page, you can tweat your privacy settings by clicking on the PRIVACY tab on the left.


Besides the privacy settings, it’s good that you also have a look at the list of apps that are on your account.


My suggestion would be to remove any app that you don’t recognize or have not been using for a long while. It doesn’t hurt to keep them but why keep them when you don’t use them? Some have permissions to post on your wall.

In the event you clicked on a malicious link, it’s best to see whether any app got installed.

Here’s an example of what some apps can access…..


It’s quite scary in some ways, right?

Parting Words

Facebook has its own Security page, and they’ve been taking great measures to make it more secure for users BUT we as users need to do what we can to secure the account the way we deem fit. 🙂