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I was heading for the BlackBerry Curve 8520 Media Launch earlier today, decided to use MRR2 and reach Mandarin Oriental via Jalan Ampang.

While I was at the traffic light to make a turn into Jalan Ampang from MRR2, I felt a tremor and heard some rumble. Since I was waiting for the light to turn green, I thought it was really odd – was it one of the flyovers crumbling? I didn’t know.

After the event (it was after 5pm) I did log into my Yahoo! Mail account and saw some news of the earthquake that hit the Java islands in Indonesia and I thought it could possibly be it. Nevertheless, being a little worn by then and braving the jam to PJ, I couldn’t be bothered to check further.

So now here am I, around 5.30AM after the sudden urge of doing work, I thought of the tremor + the earthquake again. Ok, so I checked the news – lo and behold…………

The quake struck around 1500 (0800 GMT). Its epicentre was offshore, 115km (70 miles) south-west of Tasikmalaya.


Whadayaknow!?!?! I felt the quake! Ok well it’s not like I struck a lottery or anything but yeah it’s my first time. :) So happen the car was at a halt or else I wouldn’t have heard it. I remember distinctly that the rumble was felt quite a few times. I felt a slight movement from the ground and certainly heard it.


Videos For A Better Malaysia

thus says goldfries

Just a few days before National Day, I saw this………

Sad case, what intolerance do we have?

Kelantan has 95% Muslim Malays and it’s such a peaceful place, and did you know there’s so many Buddhist temples in Kelantan?

Sheesh. I decline to elaborate more, you can draw your own conclusions. Point to ponder, were any arrests made? It’s illegal gathering, no?

National Day came and went, it wasn’t as grand as other years I suppose. The economic downturn, H1N1, the video above…………. then I came by this today.

We’re not at 1Malaysia yet but the video inspires so much hope, and I believe we can get there some day – where everyone who is called a MALAYSIAN has the same rights, unlike now. Many of us are Malaysians but our rights are a rung below some other MALAYSIANS.


I heard my wife playing this the songs that sounded really interesting, and I asked her how she got those a videos and she said Youtube was featuring it.

So ok, I loaded this song and WOW – I’m impressed and I love it so much!

then watch this one…………