Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 Notebook Review

Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 Notebook Review

It’s been a year since our S3 review, now we have an S5 and not long from now you’ll see an S7. :) For now, the S5.

The Key features are
– Intel® Core™i3-2310M
– 15.6-inch SuperFine LED backlight16:9 HD Widescreen TFT11, 1366 x 768 pixels
– 2GB DDR3 1333MHz
– 500GB SATA 5400rpm
– NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 525M with Optimus™ technology and 1GB of dedicated video memory

More details at the Official Product Page

User Experience

This is a HUGE notebook, and it’s super pure white (there’s also a black version)!!!

Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 Notebook Review

Here’s how the notebook footprint compares to that of an iPad (1st generation)

Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 Notebook Review

The audio connectors are at the front, right next to it is the SD card reader. It’s awkward to see that they did not provide a plastic piece as what notebooks usually include to shield the port from dirt.

Blue LED indicator lights are on the left.

Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 Notebook Review

There’s a USB connector on the right side of the notebook, the optical drive and power adapter socket is on the right as well.

Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 Notebook Review

On the left side, VGA output, RJ45 socket, ventilation grille, HDMI output, and 2 USB port.

Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 Notebook Review

Power-On button that you couldn’t miss.

Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 Notebook Review

Huge and comfortable keyboard.

Fujitsu Lifebook AH531 Notebook Review

I can safely conclude that this notebook is huge and heavy, coming in at approximately 2.5kg with battery – not something you’d like to lug around for long periods. It’s so bad, even my biggest camera bag (with notebook compartment) could just barely fit it.

Battery life was alright, I tested it with Diablo III full details and The Sim Social on Facebook at full screen. Both systems drain the battery at approximately 1% per minute. The cooling system is audible once the heat builds up. Diablo III gaming performance even at low detail is just barely playable.


What I like about it is the screen size and huge keyboard, and from what I see – people are selling it at around RM 1,700 which I think is a very good price for such a notebook.

If you’re looking for a computer for your parents or just want a notebook with huge screen without paying through your nose, the AH531 might be the one for you. It’s practically a desktop, minus the cables.

It comes with Core i3 processor (minimum spec) with 500GB Hard disk and 2GB RAM, which is more than sufficient for general movie playback (no Blu-Ray though) and even simple photo / video editing.

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